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Hyundai sets flame to the Olympic Torch


We recently helped Hyundai Motor Group Australia create a unique & custom LED Flame Effect solution to integrate with their Olympic Torch that was apart of official Olympic themed functions. Great pictures guys and cheers to Gavin & the team.

Our Lasers and CO2 Twin Jet bring Codename: Chaos to life!


On the weekend we provided our new CO2 Twin Jet, DMX Laser Effects and one of our 1.5 Watt Lasers for ESI – Epic Sounds Industries and their SOLD OUT event CODENAME:CHAOS Featuring Phuture Noize!

Let the team at Newtone help bring your event to life with packages like this starting from $1000!


New Outdoor Sirocco Snow Machine


Our new Sirocco Snow Machines are taking Sydney by storm lately, being the main attraction at a number of events both indoors & outdoors. Yes, with the entire fit out of this machine being IP65 rated, you can rest assured a bit of rain has never hurt this beast. Powered by a strong turbine and precision grade snow pump, you can control the flow and direction of travel with ease.

It all fits in a neat roadcase with all accessories and also fluid to suit, with no stand required we can freight you interstate viewers this one case and you can have setup in only minutes one of the most powerful snow blowers available on the market today, made exclusively by our European partners Oh!FX

Buy Snow Fluid

T-Shirt Launchers for Charity


Recently we were approached by a kind hearted gentleman Stephen Peel, who was undertaking a Variety Bash drive down the coast of Australia. We thought we’d rally behind him and the charity, which we have worked closely with in the past and donate them one of our T-Shirt Launcher systems, with all reports that the kids down the track loved the fun toys and pool noodles that Stephen and his gang sent whirling through the air. Look forward to the next one mate and thanks for blasting our name down with your good generosity!

T-Shirt Launcher Hire

New High Powered DMX Switchpacks


We have taken delivery of our new range of the OhFX High current rated DMX Switch Packs for hire that can switch loads of up to 3000w via DMX. These units are a single channel design however a rack mount 4 channel design will be with us later in the year that we are looking forward to. If you’re a production company or venue wanting to buy one of these please contact our sister site at www.ohfx.com.au , and as always for all hires please just contact us for immediate service.

DMX Switchpack Hire

Laser Web & Laser Curtains


We have recently provided customised LASER product services & solutions to clients in relation to that ‘Entrapment’ LASER Curtain Hire or LASER Web hire look. We have a bundle of unique equipment and a range of smoke & haze solutions to assist in giving a very misty effect giving the lasers ideal working conditions. We can have these on static (set and forget) or have them pulsate or flash between themselves creating a more upbeat environment.

Pictured is a corporate product launch we did and were contracted by Audio Visual Events.

Blanc de Blanc turns up the steam with our Foam Cannon


Currently touring and playing at the Sydney Opera House, the stand out show ‘Blanc de Blanc‘ is another one of Scott Maidment’s masterpieces where he has encapsulated so many aspects of theatre, comedy, magic and some we can’t talk about into a rolling party that you’re all invited to! Strut and Fret approached us early on wanting to use our Foam Cannon as a stand out center piece in one  of the acts, and boy does it stand out!

Head down to see the show is you are local, we love working with these guys they are always a blast and love our unique toys & gadgets which is always a pleasure.

Foam Cannon Hire

CO2 Jet Installations


We are becoming widely known as the premier source to come to for quality, affordable & reliable CO2 Jet & CO2 Cannon Installation solutions and advice. In fact, we get multiple calls a week from venues & production companies alike seeking our experience and knowledge on the equipment as unfortunately some are tempted by the cheap imports and nasty knock offs.

Our partnership with Confetti Shots has given us access to the widest and most reliable Co2 Jet Hire & CO2 Accessories on the market. Whether you want custom rigging, 50m of hosing, custom manifolds to split cylinders or even a twin output head jet – we have the gear for you.

Currently installed is 4x CO2 Jet Systems at WIN Entertainment Center in Wollongong for the Illawarra Hawks. With full custom hosing & control. We conducting a unique risk assessment and worked closely with the management  of both the team & venue alike. We look forward to a long standing relationship with them, knowing that we can go even bigger for next season.

CO2 Jet Hire

Australia Day Confetti Cannons


Want a way to really show your true Aussie colours? Here at Newtone, we are once again offering our custom range of Australia Day Confetti Cannon & Streamer Cannons in both our ever famous handheld cannon version, and the more versatile professional launcher system options.

Still looking for something unique? What about launching your teams or sponsors t-shirts at your Australia Day sporting match or community event and really set the scene. Our range of T-Shirt Launchers  can even print your logo or sponsors on the logo board, or even just a big Aussie flag!

Confetti Cannon Hire

HSU Knockout Circuz


Newtone Entertainment worked closely with The Artistry on this event to ensure that no special effects element was left out! We featured an array of our CO2 Jets as well as roof mounted, Vesuvio Smoke Jets. Also, as you can see from the photos below our 16x Clay Paky Mythos were the highlight of the LX rig, cutting sharp beams around The Horden Pavilion to a sold out crowd.

This was a very busy weekend last year for our crew, with many corporate jobs in between and also the Cloud 9 Under 18s the following day. Well done to all involved.

New Gear Is Rolling In


There is no question this is the busiest time of the year when it comes to consumables such as confetti and snow fluids etc. It is for this exact reason we have stocked up, and not just a little bit either on a range of products and retail items. Below is what we have added to our hire inventory in the last couple of weeks, giving you comfort that we can still take on your Christmas or NYE event even if you have left it a bit late!

  • A further 6 new Antari Snow Machines to add to our already large and vast range.
  • An additional 4 x CO2 Jets, hoses, manifolds, kits to add to our CO2 Jet hire stock.
  • A wealth of confetti cannons, various colour & shape options in bulk so you don’t miss out.
  • A heap of new Wired Confetti Launchers for our sales department and club installation packages.
  • 400x 5L Snow Fluid Bottles from Europe arrived last week. We sell Australia wide and this is the best fluid out.

We also have stock piled our Eurotruss inventory, getting more popular lengths and its all still shiny and looking pristine and compliments our growing Nivtec Staging inventory well.

Finally, we have added 8 (2 Cases) of the new Chauvet Professional Strike 4 LED Blinder. This is an absolutely phenomenal unit that is taking the market by storm as they have really innovated the true old-school ‘blinder’ look but with LED. A heap of macro’s and features as well as, just like with our Stormy RGBW’s you can use these as a wash light or catwalk fit out and really get value for money.

Eurotruss & Staging Hire

NYE Confetti Packages


Newtone Entertainment is premier Australian Supplier to Venues, Club & Parties for New Years Eve when it comes to everything confetti. We have a multitude of confetti cannon system, handheld confetti cannons, confetti blasters & streamer cannons for purchase and hire. We have tailored made packages just for new years eve as we know what work’s best and are more than happy to consult with you on your specific requirements. Whether you are a nightclub wanting a huge NYE moment blast, or a corporate dinner and perhaps want a custom filled handheld confetti cannon on each table ~ we have the solution for you!

New Years Eve Confetti Packages include

Remember, we are a full production house and can cater for your NYE event on what ever scale it may be. Whether it’s our Nivtec staging system, or a party pack with DJ Kit, Speakers and reliable, top line brands you can count on us for making your new years eve party a night to remember!


New MA Lighting Dot2 Core


Our new MA Lighting dot2 core quickly got hooked up with an external monitor and real-time visualiser and cased up of course. in Arian Yeganeh’s, our lighting designers studio. With playback wing options, Artnet output & ability to merge into a larger consoles and operate as a dedicated FX desk

Grand MA Dot 2

New 12w RGB/W/A/UV Slim Par


Our new range of Nulight Par Cans feature the latest & greatest in technology and of course fitted our in custom cases. The Nulight Slim 12w Par features a range of LEDs given that of the usual RGB, White & Amber but now we have integrated UV dedicated LEDs into the Par Can, and we would not of opted for this unless it was bright!

The Slim Par series are IP rated with Neutrik Powercon True Connectors, 5pin DMX, Backlit LCD display and double yoke for easy uplighting.

View the product page

New Advanced Laser Control & Surface


As our Laser Hire department is always on the look out for new toys we thought we’d take the plunge and put a Akai APC40 MK2 into our hire stock. This will of course go with us on our productions where we are supplying Laser services & equipment as well. The front man of our office,  Simon has taken it on board to ensure the unit is programmed thoroughly and all details are looked at.

The newly upgraded Pangolin Beyond Software is loaded onto a dedicated powerful laptop with touch screen surface, this coupled with the APC40 is a match made in heaven.  The re-engineered Beyond software package will work with the new FB4 ethernet control processors that will start to feature embedded in our new lasers. This will give ultimate control, flexibility and adapability on any job. Our competitive edge over other companies really shines with the integrsation of Artnet (driven by our Datagate)now into our Laser Shows. To have the lighting & FX already using Artnet this now brings an entire new programming and seamless operation opportunity. We are now really starting to push boundaries on available technology and continuing the push of excellence through various mediums.


Pangolin Beyond Laser Control

Ja Rule & Ashanti @ The Enmore Theatre


We recently provided a production & fx solution for the sold out Ja Rule & Ashanti concert at The Enmore Theatre. Providing a large format LED Screen & Processing, assortment of Moving Lights & Effect Lighting the only thing to top it off was a couple of our CO2 Jets. We are more often providing a completely in-house handled solution for these types of shows, as clients are becoming aware of the diverse offerings and growth in inventory recently.

ImagePRO-II For Hire


We have just added a Barco ImagePRO-II unit into our ever growing hire stock of Vision Processing & Controllers. It can be retrofitted into existing floating rack setups or put simply in a sleve if you ever find your in need of what is known as the beast of the video industry for scaling, scan converting and switching.

View The Product Page

New Chauvet R2 Beams


A coupe of months ago now we added 8x Chauvet Rogue R2 Beam Moving Lights. These versatile, functional and economic fixture have proven to be a work horse having just completed the Alison Wonderland Warehouse Project Tour with Fusion Entertainment Great response far from punters and industry alike.

We also had on the tour one of our 5w Full Colour Laser Systems that the guys from Colorblind took control of and integrated it into their custom programmed show made for Alison.

Product Page

Case Study - Cloud 9 U18s

Case Study - Cloud 9 U18s



CO2 Jet Hire

CO2 Jet Hire