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Bubble Machine

Our bubble machines are custom made and equipped with two large bubble producing wheels, each with their own fans for maximum power. Bubbles are projected 6m + in distance and by hiring multiple units that are synchronised on the one remote controller an even larger bubble environment is created. Each bubble machine is easy to operate via a remote controller (or DMX).

Our bubble machines might just be what you need to pump some atmosphere into your next event!

If you want your bubbles to really stand out, try our exciting UV Bubble Fluid. This special fluid is non-toxic, harmless and is formulated especially by our bubble machine hire team – enquire now about this unique look! This fluid is ideal for nightclubs, dance parties, product launches, outdoor festivals and even day time events. The natural UV rays from the sun will glisten off this fluid and catch the eye of everyone.

Unlike other companies, our bubble machine hire team offers premium grade fluid as standard because we don’t compromise on safety nor quality. Cheap and nasty fluids leave that awful residue which is often seen on equipment and clothing. Our premium fluid minimises this completely and bubbles also last longer plus more of them get produced.

Weight – 10 kilograms


  • Under the sea/ocean themed event (any water themed event)
  • Disco dance floors – 90’s themed parties
  • Weddings/Bridal Waltz
  • Children/Kids birthdays or special functions


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