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All-in-one video scaler, scan converter and switcher!

ImagePRO-II is an advanced high performance all-in-one video scaler, scan converter, switcher and transcoder converting any input signal format to any output format. ImagePRO-II supports Universal Analog, DVI single and dual link, HDMI, DisplayPort and SD/HD/3G SDI signal formats. Loop-through outputs are provided for the Analog, DVI and SDI input and genlock signals. With features like HDCP and EDID management, USB back up and restore, multiple video effects and web page interface, ImagePRO-II is the most advanced and flexible signal processor in the industry.

Weight – 7.5 kilograms

Dimensions – 470 x 484 x 44mm

  • Corporate & Conferencing
  • Touring Applications – Plug & Play
  • Scaling and abstract imagery
  • Venue Installations & Long Term Hires
  • Seamless Live Switching & Internal Scan Converting

Our ImagePRO’s come in either a 2rU sleeve format, or 6RU rack complete with power conditioner and dual 7″ preview monitors all switchable and cabled in-line.


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