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Zeusnet Hybrid Stage Rack

We have created a dual stacked racking system that we are happy to offer to industry clients to hire which saves a lot of the headache of cabling up and racking/de-racking a range of options where we think for a conference, special function, touring solution we have included the main and core components that can ve adapted and suited to a range of applications.

This system was used to drive the LX & Lasers at the recent Carl Cox show in Sydney that we supplied gear to Dig Deep for reports from system techs on how it saved time and drove the show to a successful finish BOH was great to hear.

A dual stacked system that can be used as one or split up for a combined FOH & BOH rack.

  • Touring Applications
  • Fashion Parades
  • Conferencing
  • Outdoor Events / Sporting
  • Dance Parties & Festivas

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