New Inflatable Foam Pit


New Inflatable Foam Pit

Our exclusive & unique 6m x 6m Inflatable Foam Pit may just be what your next Foam Party or Foam Cannon hire needs!

With thick material, yet soft for everyone to enjoy their foam moment, the inflatable foam pit hire can be adapted to many environments and venue specifications.

It require merely a power source (10A) and an area of 6x6m which is the pits foot print, a larger area especially indoors to place the sand bag anchors at each corner is always ideal.

Suitable for both Indoors & Outdoor Foam Parties

Suitable for both indoor venues / clubs as well as any where outdoors such as basketball courts, large flat grass or concrete areas (car parks), we can adapt the pit to your requirements and bring with us a range of accessories including;

  • Foam padding for inside the pit (as standard it comes bare),
  • Sandbags to weigh down the pit (if in high wind or irregular surfaces)
  • Tie down rope & ratchets (to secure the inflatable to the ground in high wind or if a lot of movement inside the pit from punters)
  • Generator (to provide complete portable power to keep the pit inflated and structural for hours)
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Container Arrives for New Years Eve Confetti


Container Arrives for New Years Eve Confetti

We have just had a container delivery in time for New Years Eve for all your Confetti Cannon Hire & New Years Eve Confetti desires. We ship our systems and handheld confetti cannons Australia wide however time is running out to place your order!

We specialise in New Years Eve Confetti Cannons for Venues, Clubs, Council Events & Private Parties with solutions to suit everyone! 

New Powerdrop Kabuki


New Powerdrop Kabuki

Our Powerdrop Kabuki Hire Kits are available Australia wide and we supply everything required to do a full size stage reveal. They are heavy duty and built to last. They are a simple design by Nulight yet it’s best keeping these things simple rather than complicate unnecessary functions or features. Powercon Input & Ouput with a LED indicating power/trigger is all it takes to set off your perfect reveal!

You can hire individual units or a touring case of 10 including powercon links at lengths desired.

Make that stage reveal go off like clock work with our kabuki system and stay away from outdated low voltage and unreliable kits out there that fail and tend to leave you embarrassed, rather than amazed & excited!

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Spark FX in Darling Harbour Sydney


Spark FX in Darling Harbour Sydney

Our Spark FX units feature along the Darling Harbour in Sydney’s iconic harbour weekly at Pontoon Bar. Splash has recently had it’s 5th Birthday, a Saturday night weekly event that gets crowds of over 1000 weekly. They have opt’d to feature our Spark FX units for their impact with patrons as they line up and also getting attention to the venue even from the other side of the harbour! The reliability and versatility of them make it the perfect entertainment & advertising solution for their unique venue positioning.

Spark FX Hire

New Spark FX Machines


New Spark FX Machines

Spark FX — It’s About Time to Awe Your Guests!

Looking to get the perfect alternative to fireworks and pyrotechnics for that upcoming event? Maybe you’re planning a wedding, party, corporate event or award ceremony, and need a little something to ‘Wow’ your guests? Well, whichever the case may be, you won’t be wrong to get a state-of-the-art system to get the job done. And of course, nothing works better than the revolutionary Spark FX very similar to the Sparkular Machine — it’s the perfect system for just about any event that’s in dire need of a ‘wow’ factor.

Known as the one of world’s first cold fireworks display machine & most reliable, the Spark FX system is designed to mirror the effect of traditional pyrotechnics but in a good way — it 100% safe and non-hazardous. In fact, the effect it produces is so safe, you can run your hand through it and rest easy knowing that you won’t get burnt. In other words, the effects it produces are not hot; they’re the direct opposite — cold!

It’s also good to point out that Spark FX’s effects last longer than traditional gunpowder pyrotechnics — the blasts can go on and on for minutes on end if required. The timing is pretty awesome compared to its traditional counterparts that only last a few short seconds.

Any Other Reason Why You Should Choose Spark FX?

  • Perhaps the biggest reason why you should stick to Spark FX is that it doesn’t produce heat or smoke. The machine is built to deliver mind-blowing pyrotechnic fountain fireworks at weddings, music festivals, balls, product launches, parties and the likes. With so many people in attendance, the last thing you want is a device that could turn out to be a fire hazard. This is precisely why you should ditch traditional pyrotechnics and start using our Spark FX machines. For the most part, Spark FX works with physics instead of chemistry; in essence, it only takes a simple atmospheric reaction to ignite granules in the chamber. The bottom line; no flammable charge is required for its operation. All in all, you could hire one now and use it right inside your event venue. No smoke, no heat, no pyro odour, no fire hazard — just perfect!
  • It’s also good to know that the Spark FX system is super easy to use and control — you don’t even need a license to get it up and running (unlike traditional pyrotechnics). If you’re ready to hire, you’ll be happy to hear that our technicians can come over to the event venue and set everything up. Speaking of its ease of use, the system is controlled by DMX or a wireless remote; so of course, you can easily set when to spark and for how long. You can also control height (adjust between 1 to 3 meters) and sequences of the blasts to meet your event requirements and of course, excite your guests.

But Do You Know the Best Part?

Sparkular can be used alongside other systems including confetti cannons and flame jets (no heat, no fire) — it’s super safe! The good thing is, we stock all these products and of course, you can hire everything as a full package. Trust us, the combination of these effects is sure to be grand!

Because it is so safe, Spark FX is the only pyrotechnic display that can be used with other systems, including confetti and streamer machines. There’s no heat, so there’s nothing to catch fire. The combination of these effects is really spectacular.

To sum it up, we at Newtone Entertainment recommend you choose Sparkular all day every day — never settle for less! Don’t hesitate to give us a call today to hire your very own Spark FX machine (s) — it’s about time to give your audience something they’ve never experienced before! The best and safest feature-rich pyrotechnic looking display awaits!


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Louis Yan @ The Star


Louis Yan @ The Star

We had the pleasure of working with Louis Yan @ The Star , a world classed magician recently. The show consisted of multiple illusions and one where he reveals himself in the crowd after a blackout where we had installed a custom CO2 Jet System that was hidden from the audience well.

With short 1m hose length, smaller sized bottles wrapped in custom drapes and the low profile design of our jets we were able to pull off a great reveal and trick that the crowd was stunned with. We also installed an array of stage mounted streamer cannons that were the finale to his night of magic.

New Container of European FX


New Container of European FX

Earlier in the year we received a full container of European FX from our partners in Spain, Oh!FX. We are so excited and are this week launching many new products online that are unique and industry innovative, fresh & fun! Below is some of the new offerings that we offer to our clients as well as industry:

  • CO2 Pistols
  • CO2 Backpacks
  • Total Control Modules
  • Holi Powder Range (Satchels, Buckets, Sticks & Extinguisher’s)
  • Fluid Pallets (Snow, Fog, Bubble, Foam)

We offer industry discounts and will beat any similar product price , especially when it comes to our European Fluid range!

How a confetti cannon can set life to your event


How a confetti cannon can set life to your event

If you’re searching for the dramatic finale to your occasion, Confetti cannons provide you with simply that. An extensive variety of air cannons which will give that ideal impact on your occasion, wedding or service. The aerotechnic detonating confetti cannon is ideal to hire with an extensive variety of hued confetti accessible, Silver, White, Gold, and Metallic Colors and there is a range of Glitter Cannons available. So in case you’re arranging a gathering completion and need that flawless occasion embellishment. Confetti cannon hire is a perfect choice and can make your event interesting in various ways.

  1. Extraordinary for one-off occasions

Each confetti cannon hire makes a somewhat extraordinary embellishment whether it’s a streamer cannon hire, foam cannon hire or foam machine hire.   Some are intended for expansive settings, while others are intended for little gathering social affairs.  If you are facilitating your organization’s festivity or a gigantic wedding gathering for one-off occasions, for example, these, you may not really need to put resources into confetti cannons or blowers.

  1. Adaptability for occasions

Indeed, even yearly occasions, similar to a show arrangement or city parade, can exploit leasing as an approach to switch up the occasion. You can lease a confetti gun one year, similar to the handheld Master Blaster Co2 Confetti Launcher and after that lease a confetti blower the following year, similar to a Continuous Flow ‘Child’ Gerb. That way you can consistently amaze your group of onlookers a seemingly endless amount of time.

  1. Lower costs

Obviously, bring down cost is outstanding amongst other motivations to hire instead of purchase. Regardless of whether you need to stay on a particular spending plan or need to minimize expenses, hiring confetti cannons and blowers can spare you cash which implies more cash to put towards beautiful confetti and metallic streamers

  1. Marvelous impact

Streamer Cannons are a marvelous impact. The impact is made by terminating several firmly moved lengths of paper. The streamers can differ from five to twenty meters and come in widths of 1cm or widths of 5cm. There is additionally a decision of basically any shading, including metallic. At the point when let go from one of our huge confetti cannons the streamers can achieve a stature of around 30 meters than fired from the same cannon.

Bottom Line

If you go gaga for any of the confetti cannons or confetti blowers that you hire, gives you an additional motivator to buy. You can apply your current hiring charge toward your buy, acting like a prompt rebate on the maximum of the hardware. It additionally influences you to feel as though you had acquired the item from the start. Hiring is essentially more affordable than purchasing, so you can go full scale and lease the most fabulous confetti machines like the 9 Barrel Case, Remote Control Confetti Launcher or twelve Tabletop Confetti Launchers for your flower centerpieces. Since one-off occasion is an extremely important occasion in reality.

Confetti Cannon Hire

New Years Eve Confetti Cannons


New Years Eve Confetti Cannons

Whether you want some handheld confetti cannons, electric streamer launchers and cannons or a full blown confetti blaster solution, we have your new years eve event sorted!

5…4…3…2……1… HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

Our handheld cannons do not require a pyrotechnics license, they are still powerful though with custom packs reaching up to 10m with our unique 42mm circle fillings.

Don’t want a mess? Then opt into our awesome and effective streamer cannons! We do handheld streamer cannons right through to our world famous Tornado Streamer Launcher that can launch over 300x 10m streamers at once, all from the one small footprint machine!

If you are wanting an event and hire solution then please don’t leave it too late and contact us now. If you are after a handheld confetti package then visit our online partner shop FX Factory where your ordering process and experience is swift and responsive.

We have been told the FX Factory are doing a special 10 pack handheld confetti cannon package for only $299 inc GST which includes shipping Australia wide! 

Confetti Equipment for hrie

Hyundai sets flame to the Olympic Torch


We recently helped Hyundai Motor Group Australia create a unique & custom LED Flame Effect solution to integrate with their Olympic Torch that was apart of official Olympic themed functions. Great pictures guys and cheers to Gavin & the team.

New Outdoor Sirocco Snow Machine


New Outdoor Sirocco Snow Machine

Our new Sirocco Snow Machines are taking Sydney by storm lately, being the main attraction at a number of events both indoors & outdoors. Yes, with the entire fit out of this machine being IP65 rated, you can rest assured a bit of rain has never hurt this beast. Powered by a strong turbine and precision grade snow pump, you can control the flow and direction of travel with ease.

It all fits in a neat roadcase with all accessories and also fluid to suit, with no stand required we can freight you interstate viewers this one case and you can have setup in only minutes one of the most powerful snow blowers available on the market today, made exclusively by our European partners Oh!FX

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T-Shirt Launchers for Charity


Recently we were approached by a kind hearted gentleman Stephen Peel, who was undertaking a Variety Bash drive down the coast of Australia. We thought we’d rally behind him and the charity, which we have worked closely with in the past and donate them one of our T-Shirt Launcher systems, with all reports that the kids down the track loved the fun toys and pool noodles that Stephen and his gang sent whirling through the air. Look forward to the next one mate and thanks for blasting our name down with your good generosity!

T-Shirt Launcher Hire

New High Powered DMX Switchpacks


New High Powered DMX Switchpacks

We have taken delivery of our new range of the OhFX High current rated DMX Switch Packs for hire that can switch loads of up to 3000w via DMX. These units are a single channel design however a rack mount 4 channel design will be with us later in the year that we are looking forward to. If you’re a production company or venue wanting to buy one of these please contact our sister site at , and as always for all hires please just contact us for immediate service.

Laser Web & Laser Curtains


We have recently provided customised LASER product services & solutions to clients in relation to that ‘Entrapment’ LASER Curtain Hire or LASER Web hire look. We have a bundle of unique equipment and a range of smoke & haze solutions to assist in giving a very misty effect giving the lasers ideal working conditions. We can have these on static (set and forget) or have them pulsate or flash between themselves creating a more upbeat environment.

Pictured is a corporate product launch we did and were contracted by Audio Visual Events.

Blanc de Blanc turns up the steam with our Foam Cannon


Blanc de Blanc turns up the steam with our Foam Cannon

Currently touring and playing at the Sydney Opera House, the stand out show ‘Blanc de Blanc’ is another one of Scott Maidment’s masterpieces where he has encapsulated so many aspects of theatre, comedy, magic and some we can’t talk about into a rolling party that you’re all invited to! Strut and Fret approached us early on wanting to use our Foam Cannon as a stand out center piece in one  of the acts, and boy does it stand out!

Head down to see the show is you are local, we love working with these guys they are always a blast and love our unique toys & gadgets which is always a pleasure.

Foam Cannon Hire

CO2 Jet Installations


We are becoming widely known as the premier source to come to for quality, affordable & reliable CO2 Jet & CO2 Cannon Installation solutions and advice. In fact, we get multiple calls a week from venues & production companies alike seeking our experience and knowledge on the equipment as unfortunately some are tempted by the cheap imports and nasty knock offs.

Our partnership with Confetti Shots has given us access to the widest and most reliable Co2 Jet Hire & CO2 Accessories on the market. Whether you want custom rigging, 50m of hosing, custom manifolds to split cylinders or even a twin output head jet – we have the gear for you.

Currently installed is 4x CO2 Jet Systems at WIN Entertainment Center in Wollongong for the Illawarra Hawks. With full custom hosing & control. We conducting a unique risk assessment and worked closely with the management  of both the team & venue alike. We look forward to a long standing relationship with them, knowing that we can go even bigger for next season.

CO2 Jet Hire

Australia Day Confetti Cannons


Want a way to really show your true Aussie colours? Here at Newtone, we are once again offering our custom range of Australia Day Confetti Cannon & Streamer Cannons in both our ever famous handheld cannon version, and the more versatile professional launcher system options.

Still looking for something unique? What about launching your teams or sponsors t-shirts at your Australia Day sporting match or community event and really set the scene. Our range of T-Shirt Launchers  can even print your logo or sponsors on the logo board, or even just a big Aussie flag!

Confetti Cannon Hire

Christmas In July Snow Effects

Christmas In July Snow Effects

Best Streamer Cannons

Best Streamer Cannons

A New way to shop

A New way to shop