CO2 Hoses & Manifolds

Our CO2 hoses and accessories are manufactured in Barcelona, Spain.  With double layer of stainless steel mesh to prevent occlusions, bends and breaks they are the most durable high pressure hose on the market.

They incorporate a safety cable by standard, an exclusive innovative safety feature to prevent a hose from whiplashing somebody in case of a rupture. All connections on our systems are fast coupling / quick connect which streamlines the entire process.

Hoses for the available Co2 machines from 1, 3, 6, 12 meters.

Our hoses are capable of carrying nitrogen through them to be used alongside such equipment as the hurricane launcher. This simply means it can withstand working pressure of 200bar. In fact, the first membranes working pressure is rated up to 1200bar!

We have not had a single hose rupture or burst since we exclusively started using these hoses. Let our quality control and perseverance in safety be noticed on your next event.


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