E-Shot Pro Confetti Launcher

Our Electric Confetti Cannons & Eshot Pro units are without a doubt the most simple, hassle free and economical way of shooting confetti & streamers in a professional fashion. Made 100% in Europe, they boast a range of heavy duty and reliable parts, all housed in a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing body that has a few hidden, secret weapons that gives it the edge. (pssst… the special rubber feet allow for shots of all angles without the fear of any severe retort and backlash from the launcher)

The Electric Confetti Launcher is the most reliable and heavy du(y launcher on the market. We can add a range of accessories to this to suit a number of applications such as rigging clamps, canister safety harnesses and our exclusive power pusher control units that feature a large green LED, safety key and the famous big recessed button which makes everything worth it once pushed.


The E-Shot Pro can be used on the ground and is completely stable thanks to its progressive silent-block on the base, fixed to a wall, or hung on truss.

Can also be controlled with a power pusher module, FX single or 4 channel device, a wireless remote module or one of our DMX switch pack modules.


Weight – 5 kilograms

Dimensions – 25cm x 21cm x 18cm

Standard Configuration

Usually in pairs.

2-6 units total is common for most events.


  • Clubs
  • Party’s
  • Special events
  • Weddings
  • Sporting events
  • Music Festivals

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