Control Modules

Our Oh!FX Control Suite consists of a wide range of modules that are all built to the highest of standards and can withstand the most ruggerd environments. From single channel power pushers / machine activaiton to various wireless systems, we have you covered with our Total Control stage equipment & special effects control systems.

  • 1 Channel FX Pusher
  • 4 Channel FX Pusher
  • 1 Channel DMX Switchpack
  • 4 Channel DMX Switchpack
  • 1 Channel DMX Dimmer
  • 4 Channel DMX Splitter
  • 2 Channel FX Timer
  • Powercon Splitter
  • Stackable
  • European Made
  • Neutrik Connectors
  • FX Equipment
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Atmospherics (Bubbles etc.)
  • Architectural Features

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