Custom & Bulk Confetti

Newtone Entertainment is a full confetti production house and we can accommodate all of your custom orders of bulk confetti. Whether you need confetti in a certain colour or a unique shape, our team can help.

We can create custom moulds for you based on your requirements to give you that perfect result or we can go through other available options of event bulk confetti that may suit your requirements. We are often supply bulk confetti orders for theatres, tours, music festivals, weddings and special events. We have clients all across Australia who need concert confetti and event confetti launchers.

Please note a minimum order is required for custom confetti designs, however we have the largest stock in Australia of colours, sizes, types & shapes of confetti that we can dispatch immediately if it suits your requirements.

Please contact us to talk about your requirements as every job is different in terms of complexity, quantity, amount of event confetti as well as the type of confetti guns and confetti systems hired. Our local special effect team stock many popular and standard fillings for confetti cannons and launchers in our warehouse. Moreover, our confetti gun team can create a lot of the custom shapes and colours. These can be made to order at an appropriate time and we can advise a delivery time upon consultation.

Our confetti cannon experts will typically supply confetti in 1kg bulk confetti bags. Our wedding and event confetti team can package confetti bags to suit your requirements. Streamers can be supplied in quick load tubes or bags as well. Depending on the size and type of confetti a 1kg bag can contain anywhere up to 60 000 pieces of confetti.

  • Bulk Pink Small Squares (Theatre Tour, 2014)
  • Bulk Silver Rectangles (Experimental Marketing Project)
  • Bulk White Tissue Rose Petals (Fashion Week, 2013,2014)
  • Bulk White Tissue Square Confetti (Mardi Gras, 2012)
  • Bulk Custom Tissue Circles (Theatre, Perth)
  • Bulk Snow Confetti (Nightclub, Sydney)
  • Custom Tissue Butterflies (Corporate, Brisbane)
  • Red Small Metallic Hearts (Hamper/Florist, Sydney)

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