Disposable T-Shirt Launcher

This new item developed and produced by our partners at OhFX becomes very useful when willing to fire T-shirts or other promotional items without need of anything else (no need of compressed air, machine or any installation).

Simply refill your cannon with rolled T-shirts and twist the base as you do with the confetti handheld cannons that we also sell. The T-shirts will be fired at more than 25-30 mts (about 20 meters when firing 3 T-shirts, instead of 2). Also remember to roll up and seal the T-shirts with tape/scotch when willing to reach a further distance.
*If you don’t use tape, the T-shirts will open on the air and they will not fire as far

Now anyone (given quick, yet important safety training) can now fire T-Shirts in an easy way in their favourite home stadiums, sport or marketing celebrations (or even on birthday parties when refilling the Big T-shirt cannon with some sweets + streamers + confetti and balloons which children will love.

Furthermore, as the cannon has already integrated the gas cartridge of 1 single use, you can have several cannons with T-shirts inside, ready to shoot, avoiding to have another person beside refilling the cannon after each shot which can be a stress & hassle at half time sporting shows. Or alternatively you can have hostesses all around the stadium and shoot the promotional material all at once, pointing at different parts of the audience.

Length – 770 mm

Barrel Diameter – 52.55mm



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