Le Maitre Dry Ice Machine

The original dry ice machine and industry standard, Le Maitre Pea Souper is ruggedly constructed and portable. With straightforward operation and variable output, the Pea Souper is convenient and capable of giving 5 minutes of fog production.

The machine comes equipped with full ducting that allows you to hide the machine from the audience when using in a stage production.

With our dry ice machine hire we provide a heavily insulated Esky that provides minimal loss of dry ice. We also include gloves and an ice scoop.

Weight – 10 kilograms

Dimensions – 700 x 400 x 500mm

Control & Programming

  • Manual preparation of water and dry ice
  • 4-step flow rate allows output variation
  • Automatic thermal cut out if no liquid


  • Warm-up time: 60 mins (120v)
  • Operating time: 5 minutes continuously with 9kg of dry ice
  • Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) is odourless and non-toxic


Planning a wedding? Talk to our team about our special wedding packages which can include LED lighting for the fog to give it bright colours. We can arrange dry ice machine hire and other equipment so that you can have a memorable function. Since we are a full production company we can even take care of your whole wedding audio and lighting requirements!

Proper safety procedures need to be adhered to when handling dry ice which includes wearing gloves. The Peasouper Dry Ice Machine requires 10A to operate.


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