Electric Confetti Cannons

Our Electric Confetti Cannons are without a doubt the most simple, hassle free and economical way of shooting confetti & streamers in a professional fashion.

The Electric Confetti Launcher is the most reliable and heavy duty launcher on the market. We can add a range of accessories to this to suit a number of applications such as rigging clamps, canister safety harnesses and our exclusive power pusher control units that feature a large green LED, safety key and the famous big recessed button which makes everything worth it once pushed.

Our Electric Confetti Cannons come in two sizes: 40cm (6 metre shot distance) and 80cm (10 metre shot distance)

Quick dispatch & attractive bulk prices.

  • Mixed Multi-Colour Rectangles & Streamers (Tissue & Metallic)
  • Silver Metallic Streamers (Metallic)
  • White & Silver Rectangles & Streamers (Tissue & Metallic)
  • Multi Colour Metallic Rectangles (Metallic)
  • Silver Metallic Streamers (Metallic)
  • Silver Metallic Rectangles (Metallic) -80cm only
  • Gold Metallic Rectangles (Metallic) – 80cm only
  • Red Metallic Hearts (Metallic) – 40cm only
  • White Tissue Rose (Tissue) – 40cm only

Dimensions – 40cm x 5cm & 80cm x 5cm

  • Clubs
  • Party’s
  • Special events
  • Weddings
  • Sporting events
  • Music Festivals


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