Extreme Flame Jet

The Extreme Flame Jet is a new and very versatile flame projector that offers a number of interesting functions & safety features. It can be used for indoor, outdoor and special effect applications.

Compared with other systems on the market the Extreme Flame Jet generates a significantly higher and fuller flame giving the effect a much nicer overall appearance. The noise level of the Extreme Flame System is very low making it ideal for Stage, Theatre & TV. The flame stops rapidly after closing the valves, either by operator signal or activation of the onboard safety isolates.

All componentry & manufacturing is done in Germany under strict quality control.


  • Variable & Modular Flame System
  • Battery Controlled
  • Optional Wireless Control (no need for any cables!)
  • Flame Height up to 8m!
  • Various nozzles & height options
  • Inbuilt Tilt Sensor Isolation
  • Inhouse Emergency Stop interface
  • 100% Made in Germany


350 x 350 x 350 (unit only)


11kg (unit only)

Adding a flame machine (or multiple flame machines) into a show can make your show outstanding. When you use flame machines in your show it can be very rewarding. However, many people believe it is just too much of a pain with all the safety elements required.

We can take that pain away for you!

Newtone Entertainment is fully insured and qualified to operate flame machines and we take the safety of every one of our flame machine shows with a serious attitude. We will conduct our own risk assessments and include all required documentation that you or your venue managers/safety officers may require. Our flame machines also come with custom built emergency stop modules and we also provide fire extinguishers/signage etc. with these every flame machine to adhere to regulations.


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