Le Maitre Freezefog Pro

Freezefog Pro creates a dramatic, controllable low-lying fog effect when used in conjunction with our GForce-2 Smoke Machine and specially formulated fog fluid.

The fog fluid is pumped from the smoke machine into the Freezefog where it combines with either high or low pressure liquid CO2 from a cylinder.

The effect is long lasting and residue free, remaining low lying and very cold. It is the system of choice on stages, in showrooms, TV studios, clubs and parks.

Weight – 17.5 kilograms

Dimensions – 635 x 490 610 mm

Control & Programming

  • Use with G300, GForce-2 or GForce-3
  • Via smoke machine – 2 channel DMX or optional hand held remote
  • Use in conjunction with low pressure or high pressure liquid CO2
  • Automatic and continual flow control of smoke machines: An extremely high accuracy thermal monitoring system combined with the microprocessor control and a highly stable patented heat exchanger, allows a self-management system to automatically adjust the flow rate for maximum conditions at any temperature.


  • Output (max): 41000 cubic metres per hour
  • Warm up time as per smoke machines 6 – 8 mins
  • Operating Time: Continuous with automatic level adjustment
  • Tested and safe for use on live stage performances
  • Special events
  • Concerts
  • Tours
  • Fashion shows



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