Antari ICE Low Lying Fog Machine

The Antari ICE Low Lying Fog machine, as its name suggests, produces a beautiful floor-hugging dry ice fog effect by simply adding regular ice cubes to chill the fog fluid. Without the inconvenience of dry ice or the potential health hazards caused by dry ice’s heavily CO2 smoke, the ICE Fog machine is environmentally friendly.

This unit is very easy and safe to operate as it is the most convenient way to create ankle-deep fog for many applications.

A 1000W machine and specially placed fans inside creates generous amounts of fog, which is chilled to create a low lying ground hugging fog effect.

10kg of ice cubes placed in the ice chamber can be stored up to 8 hours for up to 1 hour of continuous operation.

Full DMX on-board means 100% control and the drainage pump can be activated manually or set to automatic for optimum convenience.

Weight – 24.4 kilograms

Dimensions – 660 x 355 x 359mm

Heater – 1000w

Tank capacity – 2.5 litre

First heat-up time – 4.5 minutes

Light fog fluid used

  • Weddings
  • Nightclubs
  • Product launches
  • Themed events such as Halloween parties
  • Outdoor lakeside events
  • Photo shoots

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