Inflatable Foam Pit

Our exclusive & unique 6m x 6m Inflatable Foam Pit may just be what your next Foam Party event needs!

With thick material, yet soft for everyone to enjoy their foam moment, the inflatable foam pit hire can be adapted to many environments and venue specifications.

It require merely a power source (10A) and an area of 6x6m which is the pits foot print, a larger area especially indoors to place the sand bag anchors at each corner is always ideal.

Suitable for both Indoors & Outdoor Foam Parties

Suitable for both indoor venues / clubs as well as any where outdoors such as basketball courts, large flat grass or concrete areas (car parks), we can adapt the pit to your requirements and bring with us a range of accessories including;

  • Foam padding for inside the pit (as standard it comes bare),
  • Sandbags to weigh down the pit (if in high wind or irregular surfaces)
  • Tie down rope & ratchets (to secure the inflatable to the ground in high wind or if a lot of movement inside the pit from punters)
  • Generator (to provide complete portable power to keep the pit inflated and structural for hours)
  • 6m x 6m Inflated Size
  • 80kg total mass
  • 1000w Fan Forced Inflation
  • Waterproof / IP65 Rated
  • Anchor Points around base of Pit
  • Entrance archway for punters
  • Thick, heavy duty material to cater for lots of fun!
  • Generator power option available
  • Private Backyards
  • Nightclubs & Bars
  • Council Car Parks
  • Basketball Courts / Sporting Fields
  • School Yards
  • Street Parties

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