LED Flame Effect

Our in-house designed machines are perfect for when you want the effects of a real flame, without any risk what so ever. The LED Flame Effects are powered by high-speed fans that create a sea of ripples through the silk.

Each LED Flame Jet unit comes complete with a wide range of in-built static colours, fades and strobe like effects. The use of a DMX controller allows the RGB LED’s to be independently controlled to create your desired custom colours as well as to trigger the included macros. These LED flame units are extremely versatile, powerful and further more they can be incorporated into a whole range of shows due to their unique LED capabilities.

Complete In Roadcases For Nationwide Freight

There are similar machines available to use that use coloured 12V lamps. These lamps get very hot and are prone to cause fires with the silk and surrounding material. Our LED modules do not get hot and are safe to use for extended periods of time. Due to the high speed velocity fans, these units emit some noise during operation.


Length – 530mm
Width – 250mm
Height – 350mm
Flame Height – 1650mm
Total Height – 2000mm
  • Corporate Events
  • Concerts
  • Music Festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Movie shoots
  • Outdoor expos

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