Sirocco Snow Machine

SIROCCO is the new multi-FX machine manufactured by Oh!FX (formerly Confettishots) in Barcelona. It is the first in its class being completely outdoor proof, made of IP65 and highly engineered it can withstand nearly all weather conditions it is put up against.

When fitted with the Snow FX head it becomes one of our most powerful snow machines, generating wonderful artificial snowflakes reaching up to 15 metres.

You can use it on any flat surface or mount it on a speaker stand, giving you 360 degree control of the direction of snow. You can also adjust the angle or inclination of the machine and in this way reach a shorter or further distance.

The snow head includes an adjustable pump for the snow fluid and a support for the pump which is integrated in the engine housing. This allows you to control the intensity of the snowfall.

  • IP65 (can be watered)
  • On/Off switch integrated in the engine
  • Power: Available in 220V 50 Hz and 110V 60 Hz versions.
  • Consumption: 1200W
  • High performance aluminium impellers.
  • Weight: 37Kg.

Fluid Consumption

Average use: 15L / Hour

Maximum Rate: 24L / Hour



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