Antari SW-250 Snow Machine

Ever wanted to create that winter feel and have snow flakes fall from the roof and sparkle over the room? Perhaps it’s a blizzard that you want? Our Antari snow machines are completely digitalised with on-board DMX and wireless control, extremely easy to operate and with timer and volume (1~100% output) control functions you can control the snowflakes effect even more accurately.

Perfect for that ‘falling snow’ effect, our machines create snow flakes that are very small foam compounds and are entirely safe & fun to use!

Our Super Snow Machines are the largest Snow Machines in the country. Powered by a custom made, extremely high speed fan to push the snow over 15 metres and cover a large area. These European machines are built to the highest of standards, with the ability to adjust even the size of the snow flakes as well as how many of them are projected. We are able to create a nice subtle snow atmosphere to a near snow storm environment!

UV Snow Fluid

Why not try our new and exciting UV Snow Fluid which will make the snow glow nice and bright and is a great way to catch the eye. This special fluid is non-toxic, harmless and is formulated specially by our European manufacturers. The fluid will glow under natural sunlight or indoors under a UV light. Our customers love this new addition to our fluid range and we are sure you will too!

Please note all of our snow fluid is imported from Europe, 100% non-toxic & safe. MSDS available on request.

Check out our Snow Effects & Solutions image gallery.

Weight – 12.6 kilograms

Dimensions – 554 x 276 x 228mm

Power Consumption – 600W (Min Output) – 1290W (Max Output)

Tank Capacity – 5 litre


Fluid Consumption

Average use: 10 minutes / 5L bottle

Maximum rate: 20 minutes / 5L bottle

For general use and smaller party applications 5-10L is recommend.

For longer events or where higher output is required we suggest you allow for extra fluid. Feel free to call us any time to discuss your requirements.

  • Outdoor Music Festivals
  • Film Shoots
  • Themed Events
  • Community Events
  • Catwalk Feature
  • Winter/Snow themes
  • Winter sports functions
  • Christmas in July parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Clubs / Theatre
  • A great entrance feature

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