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Spark FX Hire

The revolutionary Spark FX machines are able to send a cold spark ‘pyrotechnic’ like sparks into the atmosphere at an adjustable 1-3m in height.

Spark FX Hire & Installations

Our machines are able to run for minutes on end if required or do staggered ‘bursts’ which grab the rooms attention. With fully wireless remote control as optioned as well as DMX we are able to discreetly set these machines up and only require a power cable to them.

They are low profile and put out no noise unless when activated where a fan sound is heard, certainly not a drone if background music is being played.

Packaged with our large range of confetti cannons, dry ice effects, fake flame effects & bubble machines these machines similar to the Sparkular machines will set your room a light!

  • 400w Power
  • Powercon I/O
  • Wireless Control
  • 5 Minute warm up
  • 5pin DMX I/O
  • Up to 10 minutes continuous use
  • Refillable during show/event
  • Weddings
  • Product Launches
  • Corporate Events
  • Dance / Nightclubs
  • Birthday Parties
  • Product Reveals



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