Handheld T-Shirt Launcher

This aluminium cannon is designed to launch promotional T-shirts (up to 3 rolled T-shirts at once). It fires by rotating the cartridge which is fixed to the base of the cannon.

Manufactured in Europe, with optional logo mount for promotional or sponsorship purposes. We can tailor packages based on your requirements, hire length and geographic usage. (If touring, why not save and bundle up with one of our confetti cannon packages?)

It is the MUST product when you want to launch multiple T-shirts or other promotional gadgets!

T-shirts rolled up and taped will reach a distance more than 20 meters! If you want to achieve a smaller distance just roll the T-shirts (without tape) so that the unfold in the air.

Strict Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) and Instructional Guide must be adhere’d to at all times.

See the launcher in action for a slightly different purpose with Fitzy & Wippa from Nova 96.9

Our Handheld T-Shirt Launchers have been used by the following sporting clubs:

  • South Sydney Rabbitohs
  • Brisbane Broncos
  • Western Sydney Wanderers
  • Brisbane Lions
  • Melbourne Storm
  • GWS Giants

Length – 830 mm

Barrel Diameter – 51.63 mm

Sports Games (Half time fun)

Conferences (Prize giveaways)

Fun Runs (sponsors)

Charity Events (promotional goodies)

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