Tornado T-Shirt Launcher

If what you intend is to shoot T-shirts or other small gadgets from a fixed location, then our TORNADO machine is the most powerful solution. The use of these machines to shoot T-shirts, becomes specially interesting when you plan to shoot many shirts on your event and thus safe on cartridges, since you only will have the cost of the electricity!

You simply need an electricity power supply and being fed with air (from an air compressor, or even a bottle of CO2 gas. Note: the air compressor is sold separately, but works with any small compressor reaching 6 Bar pressure).

If you already have a Tornado machine (which also allows you to fire streamers or confetti) you can equip with 1 or 2 tubes containing 4-5 T-shirts each and achieve 40-60 meters distance and shot up to 10 T-shirts at once. Amazing!

If you have extra tubes with shirts inside, you can keep doing shots only waiting few seconds to refill the air tank with an air compressor or almost instantly if you run it with CO2. Have a look at the following video below firing 8-10 T-shirts on a football stadium with 1 single TORNADO machine.


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