UV Lighting

Newtone Entertainment stocks a large array of UV (Ultra-Violet) related products to suit a wide of applications & requirements. We understand that UV Lights & Effects are used for a multitude of reasons which is why we offer them as a related product to suit various themes and objectives.

Our UV LED Lights come ready in road cases that hold 4 units each.

UV Active Fluid

Our UV Active Fluid Range is the perfect complement for our UV Lights which we are happy to package them up with. This very special and unique form of fluid reacts with UV Light, making it glow and fluoresce. This special fluid is non-toxic, harmless and is formulated especially for our machines. The UV Active fluid is ideal for nightclubs, dance parties, product launches, outdoor festivals and even day time events. The natural UV rays from the sun will glisten off this fluid and catch the eye of everyone around!

The UV Cannon is more suited to larger venues that want a wide and dispersed coverage. They feature a high powered unique globe that puts out a very nice glow. Mount the unit as high as possible for maximum effect, with multiple units in array format able to cover a larger area. With robust metal construction and highly polished reflector, this powerful light is a great addition to your UV light hire experience.

We stock an assortment of LED UV Lights which are an effective and safe way to produce the UV effect. These LED UV lights are able to do creative “chases” and be controlled via DMX. LEDs are designed to out shine and out last traditional incandescent light bulbs giving you more value for your money. Our selection of UV LEDs can be used to enhance your party or concert experience.

  • UV LED 3w Opti Par – Ultra Bright UV LEDs
  • UV LED Panel – 216 UV LEDs
  • UV LED Wall Washer – 252 UV LEDs
  • UV Party
  • White Party
  • TOGA Party
  • Ice (CO2) Party
  • Snow Party
  • Bubble Party
  • Foam Party
  • Glow Party

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