Wireless LED Lights

The Wireless Event Light is a battery operated & wireless DMX controlled LED wash light. Perfect as architectural lighting, for highlighting buildings and gardens, for use on stage, at events, and in restaurants.

Fitted with 12 x HO RGBA LED’s and various DMX modes selectable.

  • 6 units per case, one plug charges them all
  • High Output LEDs, as bright as most Par Cans
  • 8 hours, full output battery life
  • Wireless Sync between Master/Slave units
  • Inbuilt Wireless DMX
  • Easy LCD for modes/static colour mixing
  • Custom Baseplate option for rigid angles


Weight – 5.5 kilograms

Dimensions – 180 x 334 x 150mm

  • Weddings
  • Film shoots outdoors
  • In front of effects such as wireless confetti cannons
  • Outdoor expos / boat shows

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