Wireless Switch Module

The Wireless Switch Box made in Europe, provides a professional solution to fire or activate all your stage equipment in a reliable and easy way.

The wireless unit is equipped with a thermal-magnetic circuit switch (German manufacturing) to prevent an overload, position pilot light In / Out, and input and output powercon connections.

You can activate or fire the Wireless box in 2 modes : Flash, or Switch (on/off)

The real coverage of the remote control is greater than 150 meters. The channels are fully configurable and can be combined several receivers with multiple transmitters together.

The receiver can store up to 10 different memories and each transmitter has 4 channels encrypted, which allows you to use multiple receivers with 1 or more transmitters , or vice versa.

Maximum Power consumption (continuous) for lamps or resistances: 3000W at 220V 50Hz
Maximum Power consumption (continuous) for engines : 1.100W at 220V 50Hz
Voltage: 220V 50Hz
Thermal-magnetic Protection : 20
Dimensions: 19.5 x 6 x 10cm
Weight: 680gr.

19,5 x 6 x 10 cm.


The 4 channel remote to activate the wireless switch module can also be programmed to activate our wireless confetti launchers.


  • Used on our equipment such as confetti curtains.
  • Used to pulse blinders at a show wireless.
  • Turning on our snow machines remotely
  • Used on theater to pulse wind machines.

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