Snow Machine Hire

Looking to hire a snow machine for a party or event?

From large events and festivals to private parties and gatherings, our team at Newtone Entertainment are experienced in providing the perfect fake snow effects for any occasion.

Whether you’ve got a venue and need a controlled flurry of snow, or if you’re planning an outdoor festival or gathering and require a full-blown snowstorm, our large fake snow machines can deliver.

Our snow machine and fake snow effects packages are affordable and able to be customised to the needs of your event.

Read on to learn more about our snow machines, how a snow machine can transform an event, and why more and more event planners across Australia are turning to Newtone Entertainment for show-stopping event effects.

  • Stunning Atsmopheric Fake Snow Machines

Want to discuss a snow machine hire with an industry professional? We’d love to hear from you. Give the team a call today on (02) 9099 0399 for an answer to any burning questions you may have.

Outdoor & Industrial Large Snow Machines

Whether you’re in New South Wales or Victoria to Queensland and Dubbo, no event is complete without a winter wonderland (even if the sun is shining!).

Perfect for oversized gatherings and outdoor festivals, the Super Snow Machine we provide is as versatile as it is…well…super! From outdoor blizzards to light snow showers, snow machines are diverse and capable of providing you with perfect light frosting or thick snowy blanket for your event.

Snow Fluid Hire for Private Events & Parties

Whilst the Super Snow Machine is great for events of all sizes, many of our customers opt for the latest in our fake snow range; the UV Snow Fluid. Perfect as either a singular effect or when combined with the Super Snow Machine, the UV snow fluid creates a shimmering, blanket snow-like effect without any harmful substances or toxic chemicals.

Whether you’re looking for a wintery indoor effect to be used at a foam party, rave or dance festival, or if you’re holding a winter event for your business and want to take things to the next level, then be sure to check out Australia’s answer to winter indoors via the image gallery.

Get in touch with the team on (02) 9099 0399 for a rapid, no-obligation quote.

Snow Machine hire for Events across Australia

The products highlighted are just a selection of the complete range of special effects and party-stoppers we provide at Newtone Entertainment.

If you are indeed looking for fake snow for indoor and outdoor events, or even if you want to combine a number of our products, then our team will be happy to help.

For more information on our product range, or to simply enquire about product availability and get more information on a specific effect, call our friendly team today on (02) 9099 0399.

Professional Snow Effects Hire for Parties & Events

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